innovative cabling solutions

True partnerships deliver innovative cabling solutions

Here at Silcotec Europe we work hand in glove with our customer partners to deliver innovative cabling solutions.

Our customers choose our cabling solutions when they need to make critical connections.

Although we have a diverse range of customers, the market leading companies we serve do have some commonalities. Primarily they work in the Ideas to Market (I2M) space. They work at the forefront of technology and need to deliver leading edge new products in their respective sectors.

We have always worked closely with our ‘customer partner’s’ engineering teams to develop innovative cabling solutions. When critical connections are required, they need to be robust, durable and be delivered on time, and to budget.

We have also always worked closely with procurement teams. In recent years, it has struck us that procurement is transforming to become a more agile, strategic key player in this Idea to Market (I2M) – space. We are finding Procurement is ,now, not just about price down purchasing but increasingly looking to work with suppliers to bring market insights to the product and service creation process.

More and more we find our ‘customer partners’ are seeking to ensure the early involvement of Procurement to make sure Procurement is leading in the Idea to Market space. They are, in turn, seeking to gain insights from key suppliers like Silcotec Europe at an increasingly early stage in the product development process. In this way innovative cabling solutions are born.

All our ‘customer partners’ can sensibly be considered “best-in-class” in their respective sectors. A significant part of this success is due to the  integration of their suppliers in both innovation and business fulfilment. These sort of new age buyer / supplier relationships are based on transparency, clear goals and honest relationships, creating a win-win situation for both parties through mutual trust, long-term contracts, and accountability and stretch targets.

From our own perspective it is where our “customer intimacy” strategy pays dividends. At Silcotec Europe, we have constructed our business to put our customer partners at the centre of all we do.

Our engineering and customer account teams work as seamless extensions of our ‘customer partners’ teams. They recognise us as experts in our business and count on us to innovate on their behalf. We find they are eager to listen to suggestions about how to reduce complexity and to gain feed back on Tech Specifications.

Our investment in building these ever-closer relationships is at the core of our continued ability to build some of the most innovative cabling solutions in Europe.