“One who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in every action.”

Away from the cut and thrust of the work environment one of Enda’s passions is to get away to Lough Corrib to battle with the local trout and salmon. Lough Corrib is Ireland’s second largest freshwater lake.The River Corrib or Galway river connects the lake to the sea at Galway, right at Silcotec Europe’s ‘home turf’.

For many aficionados fly-fishing is a way of a life, a philosophical attitude which correlates to values such as respect for nature, tranquility, tolerance, self-composure and self contemplation.

As the ancient Samurai maxim tell us: “One who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in every action” and those who know Enda through his work can probably see aspects of his mastery of the fly in his approach to business. Fly-fishing is hardly a hobby you can approach in a half hearted fashion. It teaches one to focus, to reflect, to gain understanding and the importance of research and planning. Couple this with patience and the technicalities and intricacies and complexities of tying the fly. Add the art of fly casting and you begin to see that the “simple” sport of fly fishing and casting is about focussing a complete level of awareness with the task in end. It’s no coincidence that these qualities, approach and focus exhibit themselves in Enda’s every day work.

As a family man and having a career that involves travelling between Silcotec Europe’s centres of manufacturing excellence and client partners sites across Europe, time on the Lough can be hard to get but all the more appreciated when the opportunity arises.