high voltage cables from Silcotec

High voltage powers Silcotec Europe growth

Silcotec Europe an award winning supplier of low voltage cables is now meeting the needs of customers in the high voltage range.

The philosophy at the heart of Silcotec Europe has always been focussed on exceeding customers expectations by supplying products and service that are not just good but great.

In 2009 Silcotec Europe was able to “Bust the Myth” within FEI who design and manu­facture, the broadest range of high-performance microscopy products that low voltage cable suppliers could not be great suppliers by winning their “Best new supplier award” and subsequently went on to win “Best Quality” awards from FEI in 2011 and 2102 for their low voltage products. Now they are applying the standards of excellence to delivering high voltage products to their customers.

Stephen Bullock, Silcotec Europe’s CEO commented: “The High Voltage market is a specialised area and is a perfect fit with our customers in the medical and electron microscopy markets. Silcotec is currently building finished cable assemblies up to 100kV with the option for higher voltages if required.”

Silcotec Europe specialises in the manufacturing of cable harnesses and integrated cabinets to the most exacting standards for some of the World’s leading OEMs.