Komarno – bridgehead for European cable harness production

Silcotec Europe’ s cable harness production is strategically placed in Komarno, Slovakia. Take a look at a map of Europe and it could hardly be more central.

Supply of cable harnesses to major European electronic OEMs is often time critical and with a 99.6% on time delivery record to live up to the siting of the facility was crucial.Komarno is at the crossroads to Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia) with approximately 100 km from all three capital cities with major international airports. Komarno has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and its geography has meant that it has been a centre for manufacturing and distribution throughout the ages. Its position on the Danube and the central Europe road network means that it provides a fantastic bridgehead for manufacture and distribution of both cable harness and electro mechanical assemblies to Silcotec’s portfolio of European customers.

Group Operations Manager, Paul Bullock commented: “For fast turnaround and consistent high quality, production methods such as lean, cell manufacturing, 5S are implemented but,of course, delivery on time is key. We work hand in glove with major European electronics OEMs like Philips and Elekta.They rely on us to not only provide high quality cable harness products but also ‘just in time’ so Komarno is perfectly placed to allow us to do this”

Crucially sitting between three international airports means that when customers and potential customers want to inspect the site its easily accessible from just about any European destination. Tibor said: “Not only do we have a great team here but our continuous improvement programmes means that we believe are at the cutting edge of lean manufacturing. It’s great to introduce to our team and showcase our systems”