csustomer intimacy at the heart of Silcotec Europe success

Organisational changes strengthen customer intimacy strategy

There are many reasons for “change” within any organisation but change driven by growth is probably the most positive.

Silcotec Europe’s development has come through a healthy mix of organic growth and acquisition. CEO, Stephen Bullock commented: “ As we work very closely with clients, especially their technical teams we find ourselves working cooperatively in developing new solutions to their technical challenges so organic growth develops that way”

However the acquisition of BST Electronics has been extremely succesful, primarily due to a strong cultural match coupled with solid and well executed integration programme.

The culmination of this has been a recent set of organisational changes in order to put the structures in place to manage the increased scale of the business globally.

Bullock continued: “ Our customers have always been at the centre of our business. We have always strived to gain a granular understanding of their challenges and needs and then set out our organisation to meet these demands completely. With the increase in scale of the business I felt we needed to make sure we maintained the highest possible levels of customer intimacy and to look at how we need to adjust our structure to do this.”

Enda Bonner has been with Silcotec Europe 21 years. During his career he has occupied quality, engineering, project management and sales roles. Enda has an intimate knowledge of the business, its capabilities, methodologies, culture and philosophy. Enda has worked closely with customers at the initial stages of the commercial relationship to ensure the smoothest transition into the Silcotec Europe outsourced model. With this sort of background it made sense that he moved to a full on customer facing role as Key Account Manager for our customer partners in Holland an Norhern continental Europe.

Kevin Granger brought with him 30 years of mechanical and electronic manufacturing experience across a number of demanding sectors when he joined the Silcotec Europe senior management team.

He and his team have a strong legacy in not only in delivering on current customers requirements but using their design skills to work with clients to develop mechanical and electronic solutions for new critical technologies. Given this rich history of working ‘hand in glove’ with clients he has taken the role of Key Account Manager for the UK.

Paul Bullock has taken over the role of Group Operations Manager.