99.6% on time delivery – 99.7% final inspection pass rate

Our focus on quality and exceeding customer expectations is why we have been chosen by some of the World’s leading electronics businesses not only to supply them but to receive their commendations as their key partners – not just in this sector – but across their entire supplier portfolio.

FEI – Best Quality Award – 2012

FEI is a leading diversified scientific instruments company, featuring electron and ion-beam microscopes and other instruments for nanoscale applications across many industries.

Across their product portfolio quality matters – that’s why they choose Silcotec for their low voltage cable supply

Philips Medical Systems – Supplier Quality Award – 2011

Philips Medical Systems help medical professional enhance their patients’ lives with cost-effective solutions that drive better awareness, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of their conditions.

Our work with them enables them to develop and manufacture some of the World’s most sophisticated medical imaging technology

Varian Medical Systems – Best Supplier – 2010

Varian Medical Systems focuses energy on saving lives. By partnering with customers and others, the people of Varian develop leading solutions for advancing cancer treatment, radio surgery, X-ray imaging, and security.

Their solutions couldn’t be more critical and their supply chain is imperative in helping them meet their technical and commercial goals – that’s why we were extremely proud to win their “Best Supplier” award in 2010

Our service and products support these OEMs in producing their critical solutions.

We would like the opportunity to talk with you about we might help you fulfil your technical and commercial goals and objectives.

We believe when connecting critical technology in your OEM operation Silcotec Europe should be your partner of choice.

We will happily talk with you in more detail about our work with some of the most technically demanding clients in Europe.

It is the policy of Silcotec Europe to maintain the Quality System in accordance with current ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 Standards.